AirPlay audio only?

I use my iPad as a movie viewer, but the audio is very poor.

In my room I have an AVR with Zone 1/2/3 and AirPlay capability. Meaning I can watch on my iOS but have the audio sent out to the patio, bedreoom or living room if sent to the AVR (and sound far superior)

I can AirPlay audio to my AVR via apps such as Spotify etc, so is there a way we can AirPlay the audio only to the AVR and keep the video portable on iOS device?

If not, is there other way to watch the video on the iPad screen, but have/get the audio out to the AVR?

Thanks for a great product by the way!


Oher apps that have this feature include TVCatchup, iPlayer, Demand 5, ITV Hub, 4OD

They allow you to AirPlay the audio only to a source such as an AVR while having the video portable, which is spectacular and exactly what makes the iPad useful fir media viewing.

Hope you can add this capability in guys, until then I have migrated to an alternate UPNP app but I really would like to come back.

Best Regards,
Thanks for such a wonderful app and hope to be back soon.


I’ve tried forcing audio via taskbar but it’s out of sync by about 2 seconds, meaning that while this app “kind of” supports audio only via switching the output on the iOS task bar, when you do so, it’s out of sync by at least 2 seconds (unlike other apps) and has no ability to adjust audio / video sync/delay etc

Hope that all makes sense :slight_smile:

Will the 2 seconds delay when using AirPlay be fixed in version 4?

Have you added a video/audio sync option/slider?

It’s around 2000ms and my avr doesn’t allow for such a high delay …m

I have the same issue, basically I am using an Airport Express with Audioengine speakers connected to it.
I woud love to have the video on my iPad and the audio on my speakers using AirPlay.

Same problem is evident on the ATV4. Audio/Video out of sync by 2000ms, when using ATV4 with audio set to airplay speakers. Very distracting, unwatchable. Other developers are starting to add auto support, if airplay speakers are set on ATV4 audio output.