AirPlay audio only streaming on iOS

Would be great to be able to use airplay for use with airport expresses for streaming audio only. I regularly watch content on my ipad and stream the audio to my sound systems around the house including, movies from apps like file browser, Netflix, YouTube etc. However with infuse when you airplay to an airport express it removes the video from the ipad display and replaces it with an orange tv icon. Would be great to get feedback on this one, as this type of airplay streaming appears to be a default ios feature on all other apps :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion - we’ll see what we can do.

same problem here… would love to stream ONLY the audio to my airport express and watch the movie on my ipad mini.



I made an account just to ask for this feature as well. Being able to have a choice to pick video or just audio for airplay. 

My only gripe in an otherwise perfect app.


I was shocked to find out this is a feature in every media player except for Infuse. Looks like this one can be easily fixed if all the others support it, right?

Any updates on this?

This is the only reason I have the Infuse app and was surprised audio only file playback is not supported. Looking at this thread, this has been a suggestion for more than a year now. Any firm timeline for this much sought after feature?

Same issue here sad to have to use airvideo hd again, infuse is really better but unusable in this case…

although this is an old suggestion, this applies. would like to see this implemented!

It would be a cool feature, but it would also require an option to adjust the delay of the audio output caused by the airplay processing time. I’m not sure it already exists in the current version of infuse ?

This will be available in the upcoming 6.0 release, and Infuse will automatically adjust for AirPlay’s audio delay. :wink:

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This has been added in Infuse 6.0, which will be available later this month. :slight_smile:

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