AirPlay and Remote app (Bonjour) not working

I have no idea if this is related to ATV Flash or not but thought I’d check here first.

About 2 weeks ago my ATVv2 stopped showing up as an airplay destination and stopped allowing me to connect with Apple’s remote app. I haven’t changed anything but was curious if anyone else has had these issues and what they’ve tried?

Same here. My ATV2 shows up in remote but I can’t connect. When choosing album or artist the connection is lost…

No idea how to fix it…

Did you update the remote app on your phone? A similar thing was happening to me and the options are to update to the latest jailbreak (5.2.1) or downgrade your remote app to 2.4 (if you still have it saved locally on your PC/mac). I could not find an older version of remote app so updated my ATV to 5.2.1 and it works great. Unfortunately it is a tethered jailbreak, so if that is an issue for you, you might be better off looking for an older version of the remote app.

Note that with the jailbreak update, all new features like queueing tracks etc work, so in my opinion, the jailbreak update is well worth it!