Airplay 2 Compatible TV's (Samsung, LG, Sony, Visio)

Hey guys,

specifically I have the 2019 LG model that has Airplay 2 and Infuse doesn’t work when streaming to it (Stutters), will there be a fix for it soon?


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AirPlay on other devices is a relatively new feature from Apple, and it’s not something we have had a chance to test or fine tune.

Is this happening with all videos, or just a few? Do you know what type of videos you are trying to stream?

If you are able to replicate this issue and send in a report from your device it may help track down what is going on.

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it doesn’t throw a report or nothing,

MP4 SD Video 2.0 DD stutters
MKV doesn’t even run even though i have full 5ghz to Ethernet to the TV

James was asking that after you experience this again you go to settings in Infuse and select “Email Us” and send in a diagnostics report.

Do you have any issues or airplaying YouTube or from other apps?