Any chance of adding AirMouse ( onto it? That app is wicked cool on my desktop mac and iPhone. It could be THE remote app for ATV if it would work. I would assume it can since it’s just a simple installer?

I agree. The AirMouse app would be THE mouse/keyboard for ATVflash handsdown!

i dont agree - the updated remote app on iphone has appletv support and it works really well.

Mobile Air Mouse has been integrated into the new aTV Flash 3.6.3 version.

What do you use as the “Menu” button? I cant get the remote to go back a “directory” or “menu”. Also what is the “left” arrow button? I cant seem to go left either. I can go right by clicking on the item I want no problem but that doesn’t do me much good when navigating through multiple menus.

Update: okay the right click button seems to bring me back to the menu but I still cant figure out how to go left.

the only thing it seems to work is the right click and the left click button. How do I make the rest of the features to work, like going right or left or the keyboard?

Please Note: The Mobile Air Mouse integration is designed to be used to control additional apps such as Firefox and Google Earth. Normally these apps require a mouse and keyboard connected to the AppleTV.

For controlling the standard AppleTV menus and video playback we recommend using the Apple ‘Remote’ app.

ok. It would be nice if in future versions it could also support other apps that require a keyboard such as YouTube.