I installed both Applications on NitoTV.

However: when I start the AirMouse App it will connect fine and show me a registration screen where I need to enter my email. This text-entry works fine with the connected airmouse… however: I cannot move around any pointer.

Some people have suggested that it’s invisible… can this be? If so: how do i make it visible, so i can use it in firefox for instance etc?

Running the Smart Installer will enable the mouse pointer along with many other features.

thx… i installed it.

Now it seems however that the system is VERY slow and since more than 4 hours the orange LED blinks and blinks and blinks… as if it was still installing things…

can that be after 4 HOURS???

The system is so slow, one can hardly navigate the normal IR Remote from Apple anymore :frowning:

The light will blink orange if a USB device (other than a hard drive) is connected to the AppleTV as it starts up. Your best option is to connect your USB mouse/keyboard after the AppleTV is powered on.

gr8 :confused: seems like this board is getting attacked by spammers :confused:


i installed everything.

If i go on AirMouse App in NitoTV now i only see the Apple logo. Nothing else. However: the AirMouse on my Iphone CONNECTS.

BUT: as soon as I exit this “Apple Logo” screen and launch for instance Firefox the AirMouse disconnects :frowning:

Instead of launching Mobile Air Mouse through the Applications menu it can be enabled through the Maintenance → Settings menu. Once enabled here it will remain running in the background.