"Aired before/after" for Special Episodes

On Emby and TVDB, there is a feature to assign position for specific special episode, making them shown on the TV-Aired Season playlists after or before a TV-Aired episode, so that people can playback seamlessly because they don’t have to go to Season 0 anymore.

Hope Infuse will add support for this feature in the future updates.


That would sure go a long way to help determine when and where specials fall in a story arc.

It might be easier directly utilize the information provided by Emby sever

I don’t run Emby or any other server. This would only be useful to me as an Infuse feature without any additional servers.

So, I reported a few times about Emby and specials, season 0. I had asked about acquiring Emby metadata regarding where to properly show a special in a season. Emby has metadata saying show this episode before season 4 episode 8 as an example. When looking at season 4 in Emby, you will see specials intermixed in season 4 episodes. Infuse should respect that ordering

As it stands now, if I go into season 0, episodes are doubled. Most likely because they show up twice in Emby. Using the example above, it would show up in season 4 and 0. Attaching an Infuse screen showing this problem.

I wish you could properly handle in season specials. And, fix the duplicates.

I am hoping for this support as well. I have a lot of TV shows where the specials should be ordered in the story arc. This is one of the main reasons I use Emby over Plex, even though I own both. I have been using Kodi with the Emby plugin for years and it handles special ordering flawlessly. I’ve been loving the Emby and Infuse compatibility though and this is pretty much the only thing that keeps me from retiring my Shield and Vero. Everything else with Infuse and Emby have been a flawless experience!

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+1 I made a similar request in a beta build to support this in Emby. It would be really nice to have.

We need to get this on the future todo list, it is not on it. We need some likes of the OP.

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+1 for this.

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Emby has in it metadata for specials, where to show the special. Consider Battlestar Galactica as an example. If you go to season 1 in Emby, the items are shown in this order:

Miniseries episodes 1 and 2
The Lowdown special
Episode 1 of season 1
and so on

Note that the miniseries is actually season 0 episode 1 and 2, and, the lowdown is season 0 episode 8. They show however in season 1, so when you are watching the series in order, you would watch them in the correct order. In the metadata for the lowdown, Emby says airs before season 1 before episode 1. This is a very very nice feature of Emby. There are specials in this series which should be aired in the middle of seasons. Razor (a special) airs before season 4. There is a special that airs in the middle of season 4, etc.

Without this feature, one cannot easily watch a show that has specials in the correct order and it ruins the experience. Or, one has to run Emby or do web searches to figure out where the specials are supposed to be watched.

Not all specials for all shows are this way, but some are. Since Emby supports this, I would ask for Infuse to add this feature as well so that a series can be correctly watched in the correct order. Perhaps Infuse is not using the same API calls to get the order correct.


Jellyfin puts specials inline with seasons so they play in correct order (mostly Anime issue). Is that something Infuse could respect when connecting to Jellyfin server?

Possibly. This is on a release version of jellyfin? Someone who has it and is beta testing direct play might be able to check. You are also welcome to request access to join beta testing too.

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Hi munpip, yeah it’s in the current Jellyfin release under Dashboard>Libraries>Display>”Display specials within seasons they aired in” check box. It’s really a handy option.

Looking forward to the new update, I’ll see if I can get into the beta to test it out!


Plex automatically plays specials in line with the correct in-season episodes by using the original air dates to determine what order to play the episodes in. Can this be implemented here?


I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this type of feature.

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Would be nice if TV show specials could be integrated into the regular flow of episodes, if applicable.

For instance, Downton Abbey Christmas episodes are technically specials, not part of regular season. Yet they are always between two seasons. So at the end of one season, it would be nice to automatically show the Christmas episode, then move on to the next season. It can be a pain to figure out which special is next. Especially while binging!

And it still doesn’t work under direct mode with Emby. Was actually thinking it should have worked, surprised.

This really needs to be implemented asap. I’ve been using the new direct mode with my Plex server and overall I prefer Infuse as the player software. However, season 0/specials that would playback inline in the regular seasons are skipped entirely by Infuse. This is especially infuriating with Doctor Who because it causes the playback to jump over entire, critical story arcs.

How has such a basic, critical feature gone so long without being added?

voted for this, it would be insanely helpful for Doctor Who :rotating_light: especially