Airdrop Bug on iOS 11 Beta

When I airdrop mkv files from my Mac, Infuse doesn’t appear as one of the apps that can open it. :slight_smile:

Does it work on iOS 10?

Are you beta testing Infuse versions that are working toward iOS compatibility? What version of Infuse?

Do other types of files play where the MKVs don’t?

It worked fine on iOS 10. Tested on iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro 10.5 on iOS 11 15A5370a

On Infuse Pro 5.5.2.

The files play perfectly fine, it’s just after a successful airdrop, infuse doesn’t show up as an app that can receive it. See attached.

Other file types airdrop fine (PDFs can be received in good reader etc).

Do other types of video files work with Infuse such as AVI, MP4, etc?

I’d not count on the current release of Infuse to work in any fashion close to good with beta iOS 11, there are tons of new things in iOS 11 and routines to adjust and finesse in Infuse to get them to play well. The current betas of Infuse are a work in progress and each release gets closer but sometimes they both change and their back to square one.

Being as detailed as possible always goes far in helping the Infuse folks figure out the strangeness.

That’s fine, I’m just highlighting it in case it doesn’t get picked up.

Haven’t had the chance to test avi and mp4. Perhaps the others on iOS 11 beta can report.

Hey, same here. Files want me to open mkv files from VLC even though I don’t have the app installed.

I don’t have iOS 11 beta but from reading there may be an answer in the “Files” app. It sounds as though you may have to move the file into a folder specific for Infuse. Again, I can’t play with this first hand but it may be a direction to look into.

Also I’ve read a few mentions of being able to assign an app to file types in the Files app but nothing specific.

Good hunting!

What’s strange is that iOS 11 “detects” the mkv as a video file type. There must have been some changes to the UTIs that have not yet been documented.

Maybe try “public.mkv” as an identifier in a beta build?

Looking into this. Thanks!

From what we can tell at this point this appears to be a bug in iOS 11.

For a bit of background, there is an common approach for adding files via AirDrop and “Open In”. With this approach, apps like Infuse specify UTIs (Uniform Type Identifiers) they support. “Open In” seems to work just fine in the iOS 11 betas while AirDrop seems to be broken. We’ve not yet found any documented changes for AirDrop, but it’s possible there may be some coming.

Thanks for looking into this James, it seems like it’s still present in the GM. Though they added a worthless icon for .mkv… I’ve filed a report through the Feedback app but hope anyone else experiencing this can do so too.

Same problems from my Mac with iPad iOS 11 or iPhone ios11 :frowning: Any solution? Thanks!

Sadly this is still present in the iOS11.1 beta. &^@#^*#( Apple.

An interim solution is to append .infuse to the back of your file name. You have to go to Finder preferences and check “Show all file extensions” first.

This appears to be fixed in iOS 11.2 b4! :smiley:

Thanks for the update James, it’s been working on and off for me (probably an iOS issue). But when the “Open with” dialogue opens, Infuse and other apps are definitely there!

I’ve just started using my new iPad gen 3 with iOS 12.1 and I’ve been getting this error. I never saw it on my previous iPad with iOS 11.

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