AirControl (3rd Party Control API) Discussion


For those interested, our Control4 driver for home automation with ATV v2 (with Firecore) may be viewed by video here:   Its selling well on our website.  Way to go Firecore!

as of 371 you can now send commands apl and apcat=‘identifier’

apl will list all appliances/plugins/merchants whatever. for appcat=identifier some of them wont actually work to list categories because they wont have them.

So what do these new commands return?

“apl” will list all the appliances available on that device.

and “appcat=identifier” will navigate to that identifier (i.e. netflix?)


Thanks mate


appcat=‘identifier’ will list the categories of the appliance identifier specified. any of the plugins where the categories are dynamically generated (netflix, hulu, vimeo, etc…) will NOT return any categories because its impossible to poll for them in the same manner i do for the others.

it appears initially i said the wrong thing as one of the new commands, its appcat not apcat. sorry about that!

I still dont understand how we can navigate to that identifier, for example if I would like to navigate to WEATHER I would:


But that doesnt work, so how can i get to weather for example?

Thank you in advance

Is it possible to Navigate to folders in Media (my files)?

what would be the path for example?


Has anyone had success with the short cuts to the apps such as Media player?  I can get the navigation and now playing to work but nothing else.  

The previous posts give details of the undocumented features but whatever I try doesn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated.  


Is is possible to get ‘event-driven’ information from AirControl interface?

I want to display the ‘Now Playing’ information on a keypad (including a play-time/duration bar).

I didn’t see time/duration info in the ‘npx’ examples. I would also like to know when any “Now Playing” information changes.  (the appleTv 1 http/dacp interface waits until there has been a change in the data before sending a response to a status update)

I have built a pretty robust crestron module for the jailbroke atv2. I have pretty much all the features i want in the module except for 1.

How does the aircontrol for mac app send text to a search field on the atv. What is the command  structure. This would be a perfect additin to an otherwise very good module,


Any way to get this protocol.

Excuse me but I must be stupid. How do I even access this plugin …  I see it no where in settings or ?

I’m using AJAX via jQuery to create a webapp, but I’m getting …not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin in Chrome. It executes the command, but the npx command won’t return the Now Playing XML because of the access control. Any way to modify the origin control in FireCore?




Can someone please assist me with integrating this with URC Total Control system. I know that crestron and control 4 have drivers made. The problem is total control uses the IP address and a port tcp or UDP and sends ASCII , hex, and dec. everything I have tried does not work can someone suggest how to send these commands?

Anyone? I asked through submitting a ticket and that is the most useless response i have ever gotten.

It would be great to be able to start playback of a specific movie via Media Player with a single URL command, such as this:



Haven’t figured out a js workaround for this info but this can be retrieved with php.

I wanted a web-based control to use from my computer, i threw one together and made it public

Hi I’m currently using Aircontrol with Indigo (Automation Server for Mac) so that when I play a video to each of my apple TVs via Airplay it turns on my amps and TVs to display it. It all works perfectly the only thing I would like to be able to do is display a Logo between videos (while the 5min shutdown timer is running) I can detect when it’s not playing so that’s not a issue but could I directly display the image in the media player via a path command?

Any help much appreciated


Hello ALL, 

I'm willing to run AirControl and PlexConnect together on the same jailbroken AppleTV. The problem is both need an active HTTP server. I would like to have AirControl running on a different port (say 81), while PlexConnect uses the default 80 port. 

If the above change is not possible, I know it would be possivle to change the HTTP port of PlexConnect in it's config files, but that ALSO requires adding a reverse proxy to AirControl config files so all requests to get forwarded to the second HTTP Server (PlexConnect's) running on a different port. 

Anyone can point me in the right direction?

Hey guys - how can I send text to aircontrol, for example for netflix search? Looking to build this into Roomie

enterText = sends text to a text entry view (ie enterText=my%20search)