Air video

I really love atvFlash, since i have it I found that my apple tv really works for something.

I just bought an iPad and found “Air video”, and i think it could be amazing if you put this in the aTvFlash! thank you

It would be great to see this on the apple tv 2 (black).  Currently I find that Air Video handles conversion on the fly much much better then plex does which makes viewing remotely better.

Ditto this. Please get this working so you can control/view airvideo server files directly from apple tv.

I would also like to urge you to add airvideo support. I’ve got a server where I keep my videos for streaming to iPad and iPhone. It would be great to be able to stream them directly to the ATV2.

+1 ditto

I am looking forward to it.

Anyone contact to AirVideo team?