Air Video and Apple TV

I’m using the Air Video app for my iphone and using the air video server software on my macbook for streaming movies to my iphone. My question, is there a way to install the server software on my apple tv so I can stream the movies remotely or on my network? Thanks for any help…

Any update on this? Would be awesome!!!


Unfortunately it appears that Air Video Server for OS X requires OS X Leopard version 10.5.6 or newer. The AppleTV is still running version 10.4.7. :frowning:

 Is there no way of fooling the system to run this

 what version is the new black apple tv could that run it

 Any thoughts of a client version for the AppleTV (the new black one -- I'm sure it would probably require waiting until the AppleTV can run third party apps). That would be great to let the AppleTV to play videos in my AirVideo library.

 Hi I am using Air Video using XBMC as the server and it works great, just set it up in XBMC and Air Video will find it auto. And your good to go.

could you give details how you did the set up?

that would be great!