Air Mouse 'Keyboard' not working

I have just installed Air Mouse on the ATV and my iPhone.
It’s quite a cool pointing device FWIW.

Unfortunately I cannot get the keyboard on it to work. So for example, I can navigate around a FireFox screen and click on links etc., but I cannot type in a new URL in the URL box, a search term in the search box, or credentials into a web page etc.

On the AirMouse virtual keyboard on the screen of my iPhone, the letters I type are indeed registered, but nothing appears in FireFox.

I am on fresh install of ATV OS 3.0.1.

Any ideas?


i get my keyboard to work, but some keys for example underscore do not work which is a major pain.

have you tried uninstalling air mouse on the aTV and reinstalling then repairing the phone and aTV?