Air Mouse - Dialogs visible during Finder restarts

I have a fresh install. I added Air Mouse and enabled it, but it’s not working. During Finder restarts, I notice 2 dialog boxes. One looks like a registration asking for an email address. The other, mostly hidden, may be an error message. I can’t get to either since the Finder promptly restarts and they are no longer visible (but on another restart I can still see them). Any help?

You will want to ensure Mobile Air Mouse is being enabled through the Maintenance menu, and not being launched through the Applications menu.

A guide for setting up Mobile Air Mouse can be seen here:

Yes, that's how I installed it - thru the Maintenance menu. Eventually, I was able to get rid of the dialog boxes by in staling a USB keyboard and launching the Air Mouse app thru NitoTV's application menu. There, I could dismiss the registration dialog and settings dialog.