Air Date vs. DVD Order: Episode Naming for Batman The Animated Series


When I was trying to watch my copy of Batman The Animated Series, I noticed that the episode order in Infuse was completely different from the actual episode that played. Looking at my file naming scheme, I found that all of the files were incorrectly named.

After more investigation, what I found was that my current file naming scheme and Infuse’s was based on TheTVDB’s “Aired Order” ( of episodes instead of the “DVD Order” ( After discovering this, I immediately fixed the file names of the episodes locally. However, despite fixing this and having Infuse re-evaluate these files, the episode order in Infuse still uses the Aired Order. I also tried to force Infuse to use the “local metadata” for the files, but that did not do anything because I do not have an nfo file for the episodes - only the file names.

It would be nice if Infuse allowed me to select the specific order of episodes for exceptional situations like these as I have never encountered this before.

We’re looking into the possibility of switching between aired/dvd order for an upcoming version.