After using PiP mode and coming back to the fullscreen player, all buttons stop accepting input except for "Done"

As the title says, after I initiate picture in picture and come back to the full screen player, none of the buttons except for “Done” work. For example, the play and pause doesn’t work (not even the play pause physical button on my headphones work). You can click it, it changes shade when you click it but nothing happens. You have to hit “Done” and come back to the video for those buttons to work again. I’m using a iPad Pro 2018 12.9", iOS version 14.4.1 and Infuse Version 6.6.2 (everything up to date).

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Did you send in a diagnostics report right after it happens? You can post the code given here in this thread.

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Didn’t know you could that, just did, thank you. Here is the code: XS3X8 (The email request is #133080)