After using Infuse for a few days: An error occured loading this content

After using Infuse Pro for a few days (and enjoying it!) suddenly my Apple TV gives me an error on all my files, no matter what file type or size…

The app on my iPad also gives me the same error message. Could this have something to do with my connection to the Google Drive? I’ve heard something about a ping limit, but I can’t find an option somewhere to adjust that.

I’ve bought a new Apple TV 4K especially for Infuse, please help! :slight_smile:

Which error message?

I guess it is with the Google Drive.
I had the same error with a OneDrive.

The fix was to remove then re-add the OneDrive.
You should try that with your Google Drive.

Literally the error in the title: An error occured loading this content. That’s just it. On every movie, every concert: just every file in the tvOS an iOS app.

Will try to re-add my Google Drive, thanks for the reply!

Edit: nope, didn’t help…

Having the same problem - had not used Infuse for a few days, then tried to watch some previously-viewed files (TV shows, movies) tonight, and nada. This is on Infuse 5.5.5 - is there a server problem or a bug somewhere? I’ve tried most of the other apps on my ATV 4
and they all work. So it must be Infuse - ?? BTW, I don’t have (and never had or used) OneDrive or Google Drive. Thanks for any troubleshooting hints . . .

Can you send in a report from your device and open a support ticket so we can look into this further?

If this happens again, please go to the google drive website and try to download one movie… my guess is, that it will show you the error “download quota exceed for that file” or something like this.
This means that google banned you for 24 hours and there is nothing you can do about it.
This happens when an app reads small portions of a lot of files in a very short time (thats what the metadata fetcher does)… I don’t know how to work around this. I like the metadata to be fetched (movie name, poster, …), but I don’t need a media analysis (resolution, framerate …).

I also have this problem on a lot of my files, they are locally stored on a DS916+ so no Onedrive or Google Drive.
It happened right after upgrade to 5.6, everything was fine on 5.5.x.

Edit : I’m using an ATV4, no 4k.

In some cases, removing the share and re-adding it can help.

When setting the share up for the second time, you may check to ensure the address is a name (E.G. My-Awesome-NAS.local) instead of an IP address, as often times device IP addresses will change if/when restarted.

Sorry I didn’t respond after posting a month ago. But the good news is that the problem has not happened again. Since then, I’ve upgraded my wi-fi router and changed the password. Then I’ve updated Internet providers. ;^) So lots of changes, and everything is still working fine. My guess is that the network signal was just not strong enough at that point in time.

Any luck on fixing this issue. I would love to direct stream from Google Drive and not run into this issue. I am currently using rClone, but I would like to eliminate that step if possible.

Since this is nearly a year old thread and the OP hasn’t followed up you might want to put a bit more detail in your symptoms. Have you tried the test that was suggested in the post you quoted? What was the outcome?