After updating to 4.1.3 Tunnelblick doesn't work anymore

…that’s exactly the issue.
Until the 4.1.3 update VPN worked for me continuously.
But since I updated my AppleTV yesterday Tunnelblick won’t start anymore. So I took a look at the openvpn-folder in the Library. It was empty. I copied the crt- and key-files again and again using FTP via Cyberduck, but the folder seems to keep loosing them after every start of the

Is there anybody having the same experience? What can we do.
Guardianmax, any suggestions?

Greetings from Germany

When enabling Tunnelblick the files will be moved from the openvpn folder into the Tunnelblick application.

You may try the following to get back on track.

  1. Remove and re-install Tunnelblick as described here:
  2. Setup VPN connection as before (note: ensure you are copying the .conf file as well) -