After update 7.7 all TV episodes are under Season 1

I am using Jellyfin and with update 7.7 all episodes in a TV show are crammed into Season 1. I can scroll to the right and all the episodes for the full series are there.

This occurs with using Direct Mode or Library mode. I have deleted the Jellyfin connection, reconnecting and that didn’t fix anything. Sometimes the UI will correctly show how many seasons the show has (at the top library view of looking at all shows), but if I click into it, everything will be under Season 1.

Is anyone else experiencing this? For longer running shows this is awful. This does not happen on the Jellyfin web client or other clients (Swiftfin) connecting to the server.

A new show I just ripped and added to Jellfyin did not have this issue. All seasons in Jellyfin were correctly displayed in Infuse. With this I wondered if I did the “Refresh metadata->Replace all metadata” would fix my existing library of shows. It has!

@james has something about how metadata is read from Jellyfin changed with 7.7 (direct mode or not) that would cause this? I wonder what about my existing metadata in Jellyfin was causing everything to show up in Season 1 in Infuse only.