After successful installation of atv flash black it won't show up



i have this problem here and i’m not sure if anyone had this before.


I have a 2nd gen atv and jailbreaked it with seasonpass and version 5.0.2 . Fine. Jailbreak works and installs successfull.

After the jailbreak the atv2 starts normal. I am setting up the Network and so on.

After that i am starting atv flash black (yes, the newest version) and after a while and copiying the files he says that it is successfull installed. 


After restart of the atv it won’t show up. Nothing of this. No Maintenance Menu or anything else. It shows the Menu as before the ATV flash black installation.


Can anyone help me with this ?



Regards to all



I have the exact same problem, please if anyone knows what i am doing wrong , please let me know,i have done many of these and have never had this happen before and it is very upseting. Thank you very much.