After reboot Apple 4K Infuse connection lost to the Mezzmo


Every time after rebooting Apple TV on a Samsung Q7 TV, the connection to the Mezzmo Media Server folder added to the Favorites Infusion Pro 5 is lost.
‘An error occurred. Sorry, infuse encountered an error while trying to connect’ appears when trying to open the Favorites folder in Infuse Pro 5.
Every time you want to delete a non-working folder and re-add the folder to your favorites Infusion Pro 5 media server.

The shared folder of Infuse works after restoring the connection. And after turning off and turning on Apple TV and Mezzmo Media Server, the connection of the Favorite folder is lost, although the Media Server is always available in shared access.

Other media players do not lose connection, including viewing on the built-in player of the Samsung Q7FN TV.

Why is the connection with the folder in my favorite infusion pro lost?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Mezzmo doesn’t list any Apple device with Infuse as being compatible so they may have something conflicting with tvOS and or Infuse. Have you tried connecting to your media server using SMB and letting Infuse handle the metadata? It does a great job of that.

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Thanks for the answer! What application need to be installed on Windows so that the Infuse can connect via SMB? Only Plex?

You don’t need any application on Window at all to run Infuse. As lost as you set up file sharing on your windows machine Infuse will work like a champ. You can read through the users guide (it also has a link to help in setting up sharing if needed) here Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore

I’m guessing the device listed just below the Mezzmo is your windows machine (the listing with “SMB” on the end) so you may just need to create a user profile for Infuse on the windows box and connect away.

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Thanks for the help! I will try and report the results.

Everything works flawlessly with built-in Windows 10 shared access. All media library data is no longer lost.
Thank you very much!
As a user of a lifetime subscription, I look forward to a new version 6 of the Invise Pro.

Glad you’re up and running! Now we pace and wait for V6. :wink:

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