After pause not start up in Media player

Hello, when I watching a movie, push the play/pause knob and the movie stops directly, I use the AppleTV2 remote, when I start the movie by pushing the play/pause knob the movie starts directly for +/-15 seconds and the screen jumped back to the map directory in the media player.

To start the movie again I have to start at the beginning, put in subtitles ,language, etc. and so on, go fast forward to the point the movie stops and from there I can start it for normal speed. How to solve this problem? Thanx so far.


Are you running the latest 0.7.1 version of Media Player?



Your best option will be to submit a bug report as described here.

Yeah exact same issue here i using a hd and it won’t pull the info of the hd once i press play i assume it uses the stored memory for the 15sec give or take and bums out. and yeah i have the latest updates and freshly jbroken