After Jailbreak with Sea0npass aTV 2.0 fail to recognise as jailbroken

I upgraded from 4.3 to 5.0.2 my Apple TV and use Seas0npass to jailbreak again in order to install aTV

The jailbreak finish successfully (actually is there a way to check it is really jailbroken?)

aTV install recognise my appleTV but it stops shortly after it starts saying my appleTV is not jailbroken

- what apple firnware versiondo you have on the ATV2


- what jailbreak tool did you nuse?

Seas0npass (latest version)

- what version of the Installer are you using

aTV 2,0

- are you using a PC or Mac?


If you have successfully jailbroken your ATV, then when you boot it after the jailbreak the FireCore logo will be shown.

This disappears when you have successfully installed ATV Flash and rebooted again.

I have the exact same issue! (although I’m using a windows 7 laptop). Been running firecore successfully for years now, so thought I’d give both an update to the latest specs, however when I upgraded itunes and apple tv yesterday and went to jailbreak it, aTV black fails to recgonise that the aTV has been jail broken. Spent all evening up to 10pm trying all sorts and searching the net for other solutions. Did you manage to get over it and if so how?


Same issue here (with win 7).

Any help?

I think where it all went wrong for me was when I updated the aTV when connected to my laptop within iTunes. Having lost 3/4 of my hair, I thought I’d start all over from fresh. So this is what worked for me…

go to settings > general > reset

first do reset all settings followed by restore.

Next perform the jailbreak and hey presto, it was jail broken.

my hair’s already starting to grow back!

Leme know how you get on.