After jailbreak can't turn ATV2 off


I have sussesful done the jailbreak to 5.2 and updated the Media player, alle works fine.

But when I tryed to shut down the ATV2  i could not do it.

I have tryed to be on the Media, and settings icons and holding the “OK” button down on the remote and there is’nt happening anything.

The only way I can shut it down is to unplug the power cable.

Is there anyone there can help me?


I have the same problem after jailbreaking 5.2.

I noticed that you can TURN OFF like before keeping pressed for 2 sec. the “PLAY/PAUSE” button of the ORIGINAL APPLE TV remote.

Seems only they moved this feature to another key.

My real problem is that i use a Programmable Remote Control and even if i copy the original “PLAY/PAUSE” function to my remote, the function PLAY/PAUSE works well but it doesn’e turn off if i keep pressed…

I’m plannning to revert back to previous jailbreak… i’m not interested on any of the new bluetoooth feature…

I get the same behaviour and I am not sure there is an answer as Apple re-purposed the holding down of the OK button to use it for re-arranging the icons.

You can do it from the Settings dialog, but that is a bit inconvenient.   However does it really matter that much?   You can set the timeout for which the system automatically goes to sleep under the Settings menu to be quite short