After Jailbreak - Apple Movies/TV Shows Broken

I have now jail-broken my ATV2 about 5 times. Currently I’m running 4.4.4 untethered using seasonpass - installed nitotv, XBMC, blah, blah, blah. Starting from the first time a year ago on 4.4.3, each time I JB, the apple store functions (Movies, TV Shows), and many of the new 4.4 internet options (NBA, NHL, etc) work fine. Then I proceed to install Nito, then XBMC. At some point along the way, the apple store functions die. Anytime thereafter when I select any option under movies or tv shows it restarts the ATV2. Also, all the new internet options disappear leave only Youtube, podcasts, photo stream, mobile me, flickr, radio.

As I said, this has happened each time I JB. Something during the process of installing XBMC or its many plugins, programs, repositories, etc. must be doing it but I can never pinpoint when or why.

Is this something that anyone else has run in to? Weird and annoying.

Have you hidden any of the standard Apple menus?  Ity can have this sort of unfortuante side-effects.

Interesting.  I do use Overflow in NitoTV to bury a few native ATV2 menus (Computers, Internet) to get them out of my hair.  Do you think that could be it? Good lead.  Thanks.

Dude.  You were totally correct.  By restoring the native ATV menus (Computers, Internet) back to the main screen, everything came back.  Turns out Overflow in NitoTV is the culprit.  All is well and thanks for the help.

Hiding the Internet menu seems to be the most likely to cause problems.  Why I have no idea.