after installing atv Flash nothing to install in Extras despite internet connection

Hi there! I can't get aTV Flash running on my second ATV 1st gen :-(

After Reset and Update to 3.0.2 and testing, if internet connection is stable i installed the latest version of aTV Flash via USB, which works fine.

Before installing any extras i took a look at install extras: nothing there to install...

So i resetted atv again, re-formatted the stick, updated to 3.0.2 and tried again --> same negative result :-(

when i try to install extras the menue is empty and i get only the message that an error occurs.

next try was to install the smart installer via maintenance/settings first. DL 10.4.9 Combo update succeded. installation works with three errors:

kextload: kext doesn't have all dependencies
kextload: can't generate internal dependency graph for /System/Library/Extensions/IODVDStorageFamily.kext
nitoHelper[191] Bluetooth.prefPane install failure nitoHelper[191] install failure

still nothing to install after all :-)

Last try was to install Perian, mplay codec, Flash (hint:CoreAudioKit missing) and CommonMediaPlayer.

And still nothing to install in install/extras :-( :-(

Any suggestions?


ATV flash actually goes out to the internet and grabs other components.  not sure what stage it does that.  is that what you see not happening?  no internet retrieval?