After Installation Apple TV cannot detect ISO files. Why?

I just installed the ATV Flash on my Apple TV, unfortunately there is not any guide that show us how to make every tool to work. In my case, I have an external hard drive (HFS+ format) connected via USB to my Apple TV, in there, I copied some AVI files, MP4 files, FLV files, a VIDEO_TS folder and 12 ISO files… AVI, MP4 and FLV files works fine, when I try to play the movie on the VIDEO_TS folder a message appears telling me that: “an error has occurred, please press play to restart the apple tv” and with the ISO files, I cannot even see them, it’s like they were not there.

Can somebody help me? Please!!! I bought this program because they said that it can play DVD content in ISO format.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for my spelling, english is not my native language.