After greenpoison RC6 jailbreak and download of beta 3, Beta 3 install wont do anything!

Hi guys

I have finally (i think :-P) gotten the jailbreak to work on my windows setup, with the GP rc6 release. At least i got no errors during installation. But now when trying to run the beta 3 .exe, I get the most annoying error saying that i am A: not connected to the internet (cant be that since i am writing this post) or B: that the software is not the latest release... But seeing as i just downloaded it, and the file clearly says beta 3 inside, i have no clue what to do? It just won't run... Any ideas any one?

How,s it going anders....can you send me the seasonpass beta 3 so I could try it.....I'm a paid member.....would greatly appreciate it.

Hi everybody,

Made the jailbreak with greenpoison RC6, injected software, nitoTV, then installed atvFlash beta3; after the installation screen remanes black????? Is there an incompatibility beetween greenpoison and atv flash beta3? 

I'm on a Mac so it may be different but here's what I did.

1. Ran Greenpois0n RC6 and it took a few goes before it worked. Then I disconnected it, took it to the Bedroom where my AppleTV2 is and ran the setup and setup my Wifi.

2. Then I installed XBMC and turned it off and then on again.

3. Made sure under Movies the "In Theaters" was there.

4. Left it running and wnet back to my Mac and ran the Beta 3, let it finish and went back to the bedroom to check and all was good. Manage Extras drop down was there and it now all works fine. Plex alone is worth the price of admission. NitoTV sucks though. For me it is so slow to do anything it. It's a real pain. But all in all with Plex, XBMC and Desktop weather it's great.

Problem is that's not showing up for everyone. I have personally ran beta 3 10 times today and NOTHING, the Apple TV reboots like it's supposed to but nothing comes up on the apple tv upon reboot. And yes I reboot lowtide every time as well.

Well my status now is that I have a working ATV2 with access to all the original iTunes content, and XBMC installed. I have no manage extras or maintenance menu. No Plex.

But still. Its working .-) And its so much better than just an out of the box ATV :-)

I miss access to playing all of my video_ts folders, but the few movies I have that are not in those, work just fine :-)

I am still working on it :-) Can't wait till this is a working release and not a beta , and we all can get ATVFlash goodness on that shiny little box .-)

I'm having the exact same problem

I'm getting the same install error after a successful tethered jailbreak. Looking forward to taking this all the way when the bugs are cleared.