After deleted videos I didn’t get any space back

After I deleted videos I didn’t get any space back because Infuse was not releasing storage space even after selecting the videos and deleting them from the app. I looked into recently deleted but it’s empty

Did you try it with today’s update to 7.5.5?

Yes, I updated it and the problem persists. I even tried the next things and still no luck…

  1. Remove the Files app from your device
  2. Switch on the ‘Disable Files App’ option found in Infuse > Settings > Parental Controls

Is this affecting new files, or just past files which were previously deleted?

The changes in recent updates will not affect older deletions, but you can try one of the tips found in the thread below to free up this space.

I just checked them, and I realised that it’s affecting just old files before the update, that space it’s not recovered. Any other ideas how to recover it ? Anything deleted after the last update will release the space. Thanks

I don’t know what device you are using but others reported they recovered all their missing free space by backing up their devices (to iCloud, maybe a PC) and then restoring them.