After ATV2 being sleep for a while won't boot

To start the first problem I was having is that when I went to netflix or HBO go and went out of the app and went back in it, it always was asking me to re-enter my username and password everytime.   I got tired of doing that over and over so I thought maybe that was a bug and re-jailbreaked now I no longer have that problem as this has been corrected.   

Now I dont know if this is a bug or not but when my apple tv 2 is sleep for a while (overnight) it will not boot up.  I will just see a black screen I have to unplug it and plug it back in for it to boot up for me and use it.  

Is this another bug?  Would I need to jailbreak again to clean this up?  I have a second apple tv 2 thats running beautiful with none of these problems on the same verison 6.1.4.  

I fixed one problem by re-jailbreak (username and password) problem 

Now I have boot up issues after apple tv sleeps for a while.  I didnt have this problem before when username and password wasnt working correctly.  

If this is a bug could you move me to the right location. 

Thank You for your help