After adding a super large Emby media library, Infuse has serious performance problems

Is there any progress of solving this problem. I would like to see?

There is no progress so far

Hi, developers,

I am using EMBY server to watch MKV, MP4 video through Infuse.
Reference to the topic " After adding a super large Emby media library, Infuse has serious performance problems", similar to my situation that hundred thousand of movies/tv shows are in the libarary.
Following problems should be concerned.

  1. Loading liberary index & data from EMBY server, there is a limitation for 200 items one time pull from infuse. It is not friendly for huge EMBY libarary. For example, if there are 200,000 items, it costs 200,000/200=2000s=33mimutes minimum.
  2. Incremental index updating for the libarary. Usually we are updating our EMBY libarary to upload new movies, eventhough InfuseSync is installed, it costs longer time to update the index, and sometimes, I have to reload the full index for the Libarary, which means i need more than 1 hour to wait updating.
  3. Local homescreen index establishment. once we loaded all index from EMBY server to our Phone/Pad, it cost a long time to build us local index, for example, homescreen will keep waiting for index ready and be circling.

I understand for the feature of Infuse by using EMBY server are different than other application because we are loading and making new index locally. But we hope you can find a solution to impove the experience.

Hoping you can solve above mentioned problems in version of 7.2.2.

Thanks & best regards,

Infuse lifetime user.


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I moved your post to this thread so we keep the discussion to one location. :wink:

Agree! We are a group of lovers of films, and we keep an Emby server together. As the library has more and more resources, refreshing the Emby library takes more and more time and requires too much time to load out the main page. So we turn to the Emby official client to watch videos more. However, we still think Infuse is the best player for Apple devices and hope Infuse to optimize the response time and fix the errors that occur when refreshing the library.

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I have a huge Plex Library and the same thing happens as seen in your Google drive video. Since my plex is just a server with rclone mount, I tried loading that Google drive library directly onto Infuse. The metadata was around 27 GB and infuse would be super slow to display titles and search results, but slightly better than having the plex server directly added to infuse.

Plex displays everything almost instantly via the native apps(despite nothing locally cached?), so even though I love Infuse for its features, I have to use Plex or else wait 5 minutes for everything to load up.

Wish there was a solution to this

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Hey Guys,

I’m new to Infuse and just purchased pro to try instead of emby. I connected it to my emby server yesterday and it’s still stuck trying to fetch the content. All the content shows up and streams fine in my emby app so I know it’s not on the emby side of things. I’ve tried forgetting the share and starting over with no luck. I’d like to get content into the app so I can try it out, thanks!

Welcome to the forum!

How large is your library?

If your server is local you may want to try connecting via other than Emby. Maybe try SMB, NFS, or FTP to see if you like the way Infuse handles things.

Thanks for the response. It is not a local library unfortunately and is pretty large. 15k movies and 225k tv episodes roughly.

I’ve moved your post to a currently running thread discussing this issue. :wink:

Thanks you :+1:t2:

We’ve been working on a number of improvements, and have a beta available today if anyone would like to test.

For reference, here are some of loading time improvements we are seeing.

  • 250K video library: 1 min 20 sec → 13.5 sec
  • 9K video library: 2 sec → 0 sec

My home page is still not loading.


After I tried several times, the home page finally loaded successfully, which took about 15 seconds.

Am I able to get the beta for Apple TV?

Invite sents. :slight_smile:

It still needs lots of time to fetch the metadata from the remote Emby server.

I would love to test! Have both an iPhone and Apple TV

Hi, james,

Thanks for your works on improving Home Screen Loading experience, as what you said, it is faster than before. But more crashes appeared.

Please note following features are still waiting for your updates and fix.

  1. 200items Limitation on each pull from Emby server, can we make it 2000 or more each pull?
  2. Incremental index loading from Emby server through InfuseSync, after sync the new videos, it is trying to reload whole index again.
  3. Please fix the crashes problem and improve the experience in homescreen loading
  4. Infuse cannot load index and update in the background even though we have turn on background refresh. Please find out if it is the limitation from IOS.


Just out of curiosity, do you have other apps with background app refresh turned on? For me, it seems that if ANY other app has this turned on the OS will not always share the background time between Infuse and the others. I turned off everything else but Infuse and it’s been pretty solid for background updates.