After adding a super large Emby media library, Infuse has serious performance problems

After adding a super large Emby media library, Infuse suffers from serious performance problems.

For example.

  1. App response times are too long.
  2. media library refreshes often fail with “directory error” issues.

The emby server account password has been sent to @james by private message, please choose the fastest one to test.


Indexing fails often too.


Curious but have you installed the InfuseSync plugin for emby? When I ran emby it increased performance drastically

I have and still have issues. Not sure if OP did though.

Yes, I have InfuseSync installed, probably because I have hundreds of thousands of videos in my media library. It takes a long time to load the content of the home page after infuse starts. It also takes a long time to open the list of all TV shows and the list of all movies.

@Surge what does “super large” in terms of movie /tv shows episode count mean?

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Dang, even if those were half hour tv shows that’d still be over seven and a half years of straight watching. Dial in an occasional pause for the cause and your looking at ten years of continuous viewing. :eyes:

I’m wondering if your seeing the results of the Apple TV or iOS device clearing out some of Infuses data to make room for another app or system needs frequently.

After it gets loaded what does the Metadata total in the settings screen say?

I’m referring to the very large number of videos.

Since I don’t speak English, I used translation software.

I don’t speak English, I just want to bring up the problems I encountered and hope infuse can optimize them.

I may not be able to express myself clearly, so I recorded a video, maybe you can feel how broken I am.

When you go to Settings (the gear icon) then General at the bottom is “Metadata” with a total bytes used by Infuse. What is this number after you get it all loaded?

38 MB

This value is small because I did not choose to cache the images from the Emby media library.

On the surface they are saying that Infuse is slow to load large Emby media libraries, but in fact they are making fun of Infuse for being bad at it.

I like Infuse a lot, but there is nothing to stop them from saying that, I can only hope that you can make Infuse better.

Yes, there was so many people encountered this problem.
Every time you open infuse, it’s torture.


Same question. Wish it can be fixed asap

BTW, the loading time in Infuse was way longer than it in Emby app, i test it for several times and i’m for sure that.

I specially registered an account to report this problem, which is really a headache for new app users

Got the same issue here. Can’t even play a media file properly after adding a huge library and it says “errors playing content ”We would appreciate it if you could fix this at your earliest convenience.

I think optimization is really needed!

This problem is really painful, I have to switch to Emby Official App to watch the video.

Agree. This problem has been a while. Every time when I add a new remote Emby service, it needs hours to sync the data, and any interruption will block the process. Very painful.