After a while my JailBroken aTV2 is restoring to stock unexpectedly

I thought I was crazy but this has now happened 3 times this week and I’m starting to think something is up with my aTV2.  

I would jailbreak it with SeaS0nPass and then install FireCore.  Then I would watch some movies either streamed from my mac via AFP or from my TimeCapsule also using AFP.  After some time i would need to move the device to a different location.  After moving it and reconnecting it to my TV i would find an un-jailbroken aTV2.  Im not to sure why this is happening…

I also have 2 other aTV2’s and non of the others are doing this, but those do not get unplugged and moved.  Is there potentially something that happens after you unplug running aTV2 that causes it to return to stock? 

This sounds very strange to me if it really is ‘losing’ the jailbreak.

However I have certainly found that when I move my ATV on my network I can “lose” many of the usual icons due to the connection to the Internet not working properly.

In my case the problem occurs due to the use of powerline adapters to connect my wired networks together; it appears that it confuses the adapters if a system that was connected by cable is moved so that it is connected to a different powerline adapter. Turning all the powerline adapters off and then on fixes the problem for me.

I therefore suspect it is the moving of the ATV on your network which is causing a network problem, rather than the ATV itself going wrong. Power cycling your network routers/adapters.after a move may solve your problem.

Yea its definatly not just losing icons, since when I try to run aTV flash on it, it tells me that i have to jailbreak it before installing.  Plus ssh’ing doesn’t work after it restores itself.  

I don’t believe its my network since I have 2 other aTVs running perfectly fine.  

So after you have moved the ATV the FireCore Media Player and Maintenance icons disappear?

The other symptoms you describe are exactly what I would expect if your network is confused about where your ATV is connected.

As you are not moving your other ATVs around I wouldn’t expect them to have any problems.

Same issue here. ATV2 with JB and atvflash. Had to disconnect it for a while, when I reconnected it (same room, same network, same TV) it was not JBoken any more :frowning:

Or so it seemed. I then made a tethered boot with seasonpass and everything went back normal…