After 4.0 upgrade, Firefox, Google earth dont work

Any ideas? I cant make them work.
The freeze and I just click on to release.
How I can reinstall them?


*** BTW, FLASH does not install successfully either.

These applications will require a USB keyboard/mouse or Mobile Air Mouse app to control them.

Thanks for the info.
After turning on the Bluetooth support, I connected my Logitech diNovo Mini mouse and keyboard.
Firefox is working OK.
Google Earth reports some errors and does not work eventually.
How can I reinstall?


I have the same problem here as well, constantly freezing on firefox, if i reboot its fine.

also noticed if i have air mouse enabled, it freezes up firefox, if i disable it then reboot finder it allows firefox to get going!

i paid $49.95 for this and I, like others, expect it to work! i paid the money because i wanted a hassle free install as the site suggests! for all the hassle this has caused i could have done it for free!

not happy, and the lack of aTV admin/mods answering questions is appalling, we’re paying for support, where is it as i cant find it!! :evil:

How did you turn on bluetooth? Will it work for the apple kb and mouse?

The current version of the Logitech Dinovo Bluetooth Keyboard for MAC no longer comes with the Dongle. So how do you enable Bluetooth on the AppleTV in order to pair with the Dinovo Keyboard? Is this possible or will I need to return the unit for one with a dongle.



Do you have a pairing button in the middle on the back of the keyboard?

If so, you might be able to just buy the dongle:

Please check the part number on the bottom of your keyboard not the number on your old receiver. This receiver will work with all diNovo Edge keyboards with part number 820-000954 or 867777.

No - there is no paring button and it does not match the Product numbers you listed. I believe this new Mac version is ‘very’ new, and is designed to no longer require the dongle. Seem’s I’m out of luck. Great keyboard though - I may just keep it anyway.



Guess Logitech made a new cheapskate model for the Mac users…

Good to know for future purchases.

ebay seem to have the version with the dongle also.

Other stores: