After 1.3, atv2 reboots amass.

I’m playing .avi files from my iMac over an AFP share. Before 1.3, everything worked fine, all the time.


After 1.3, entering the subdirectory containing AVIs reboots the atv2 about nine of ten times. Once it does NOT reboot, subsequent movies played from the same folder do not cause reboots.

This is a little unnerving. Hope you can unbreak this with the next update :slight_smile:

(And consider a 16:10 option as well ;-))

Cheers from Germany,



i having same issue, it reboot ALL THE TIME!

But I cant play none of my files, I tried to reset and reinstall but nothing work.



There are other topics covering this topic. I had to do a fresh jailbreak to remove ATVflash and I left it off the atv2. I manually installed Plex and I hope that the next version is more stable. The update to 1.3 is the first time I’ve had any issues with ATVflash.