AFP support

I really love the new infuse4, i just miss the ability to connect to afp shares. it was working perfectly with ATVFlash black.

I believe Firecore previously stated AFP won’t be supported, but I may be wrong.
Since OS X 10.9 Apple has abandoned AFP in favor of SMB2.

I wish there was AFP support too. I have a USB disk connected to apple time capsule and infuse doesn’t see it… :frowning:

SMB will actually work in this case - we have it set up here with a few drives and it works great!

Just be sure you’re using a username of ‘admin’ along with your Disk Sharing password.

When I switch my time capsule to smb share with an account, all the computers, iOS devices and infuse in Apple TV can see it, see the USB hard drive but doesn’t show any files. It’s empty. Only when I switch back to afp I can see the files again from other macs and iOS devices. Any suggestions?

Are you sharing this through a Mac first?

To stream from a Time Capsule or Airport Extreme, Infuse can go direct without a Mac involved at all.

Just be sure to enter a username of ‘admin’ and the actual Disk Sharing password you have setup.

I figured it out now. I realised that SMB is on when using TC password for access too. Basically, when I created a separated account in TC it didn’t work like I mentioned before. But if I just leave it in default settings, where I thought it is AFP only, it’s also SMB. Anyway it’s working now and that’s important. Thank for help.