AFP still not working

The Update don’t helps …“AFP is not install prob… blablabla…”

What can I do?

Great Software… great support… thank you…

…for nothing!

By default the AppleTV will attempt to connect via the AFP protocol, however most newer AppleTV units will not support this protocol. The SMB protocol can be used in its place by setting up a ‘Manual Share Point’. We have a guide for setting this up at the link below.

If you’re having trouble setting up the share point, let us know and we can help walk you through it.

Well… this was a helpful hint…! THX a lot…!

I apologize for being so offending at first, but it is quite frustrating if nothing is working right.

I’m now able to connect to my EyeTV Archive and playback the content.
Anyway… the quality of the streaming is not really good… stuttering as well as (interlaced) stripes. I’m connected over Ethernet and the (usual) streaming from iTunes is quit perfect. Are there any adjustments I have to make to fix these problems? And/Or is there a way to playback the content in an EyeTV-“Emulation”, so I’m able to switch the audio tracks, see the comments, etc. ?

Thank you in advance.

What format are the ‘EyeTV’ files you are attempting to play? If they are copied to the AppleTV internal drive do they play ok?