AFP Share : Never ending "loading content"

A few weeks ago I had to re-jail break from the tethered JB to Seas0nPass.  

Obviously had to readd my shared drive from my Time Capsule however now when I try browsing to my files, I get “loading Content” forever. By forever I mean, so far its been like this for at least 30 minutes.

I know its connecting because when viewing my files, I first see my Time Capsule partition (default name of data). After selecting that is when it seems to “load content” forever.

If I press menu once, I’m take back to the initial share page showing my top level directory which is the partitian name (aka share name) of the drive.  Pressing menu again from here crashes my Apple TV and the box restarts after a minute or two of not responding.

Is something indexing every file in every subdirectory or something?

Do i need to let this sit for hours being that I have 1000’s of pictures and other non-media related files?

FWIW this worked prior to re-jailbreaking and I’m connected via Ethernet not wireless.

Hrm well it appears I’ve solved my problem.  I moved my “iPhoto Library” directory into another directory and I’m able to see all my stuff.

I have the same issue. I can see my time capsule and it passes the connection test.

However, when I browse files, I see the two drives on the time capsule (internal and USB) when clicking either of them it just spins it’s wheel saying ‘loading content’ forever. So I cannot see any of my files at all…


Can you submit a bug report?