I have an Apple TV running 2.3, and the latest version of nitoTV.

Previously, whenever I tried to do a network mount, I would just get a -1069 error.

After the most recent upgrades, I thought I’d try again. Imagine my surprise when, as I logged in as a registered user, I saw my iMac and all of it’s external volumes come up! I was elated! That had never happened before.

So, I selected my computer’s hard drive, hit mount and got: “the mount flags are 0000 and the altflags are 0020,” with the -1069 error beneath it.

Curious, I went up to “Files” in the nitoTV menu, anyway, and, again, to my surprise, I saw my computer’s hard drive alongside the external drives I have hooked to the ATV via USB.

But, when I clicked on the hard drive… nothing. I scrolled to the attached drives, and their contents came up just fine, but when I tried my computer’s drive, no response.

This is closer than I have ever been before! Can anyone give me an idea of what I could possibly be missing at this point?

“the mount flags are 0000 and the altflags are 0020,”

I just had this happen to me (I’m not talking about the -1069 error. That’s an old problem that’s been cleared up for many versions now). Never saw the above error message before.

What I did was Turn Off File Sharing, then turn it back on again. That cleared the problem and the volumes mount again. First I tried removing the shared volumes from the sharing panel but that didn’t fix it. Toggling File Sharing did.