AFP crashes nitoTV (atvFlash 3.4.3)

Crashlog indicates:

PID: 558
Thread: Unknown

Link (dyld) error:

Symbol not found: _AFPCreateSVEFromAddress
Referenced from: /System/Library/CoreServices/
Expected in: dynamic lookup

Any ideas? I try to connect to my Mac (it sees it, but if I go to Guest Login or Registered User) it crashes and the Finder restarts.

For AFP access you will need to run the nitoTV smart installer. Follow the steps under option #2 at:

Ok, SmartInstaller done. It sees my USB drives now and I can use the Files-> section to play the files just fine. If I use nitoTV the video starts playing, but it seems to be behind another screen.

The next problem is mounting my AFP shares. If I select the Bonjour host I get error 1069. If I try to manually set up the info (as defined in the wiki) I get “mount_afp missing”.

Sure enough /sbin/mount_afp is not there.

What’s up?

ATV – any ideas on the missing /sbin/mount_afp?

AFP is only able to be enabled on those Apple TVs that originally came with the 1.0 software (usually those purchased prior to October 2007). If you have a newer Apple TV, you will need to stream via SMB.