AFP connection slow

next problem: connection with afp://IP number via the Finder is working, but it is really really slow.
Also the icon for appleTV does not appear automatically under “shares” in the left finder-window, as it was before.
Using smart installer with fresh recovery.dmg 1.0 and the osx comboupdate 10.4.9 does not fix the problem, the well known error message (failed installation) appears:

2010-06-29 13:15:10.725 nitoHelper[1290] Root filesystem already writable

2010-06-29 13:15:37.501 nitoHelper[1290] valid recovery image found!

2010-06-29 13:15:38.939 nitoHelper[1290] kextloader already installed!

2010-06-29 13:15:43.847 nitoHelper[1290] mach_kernel.prelink already patched or unrecognized

2010-06-29 13:15:44.300 nitoHelper[1290] bins installed successfully!

2010-06-29 13:15:44.356 nitoHelper[1290] no files to install!, returning

AppleTv software = 3.0.2, updated nito and maintanence