Afp connection lost, multiple users and itunes 11

Hi everyone,


This is my first post on any sort of forum but after the pain i have recently been through to try and get my atv2 to work again i thought i need the share some info which i didnt find on this forum.


I’m running a 27inch iMac with Mountain Lion installed and 3 Western Digital hhd’s attached, most of which is used to store my movies and tv series. Using firecores jailbreak im was able to stream all my movies and tv series until recently when my afp connection dropped and i couldnt reconnect.


I first thought it was itunes 11 but after much frustration i’ve now figured out that it was because i added another user to my mac. I can now confirm that in order to get the afp connection up again i had to go into every users profile and ensure that file sharing was ticked and that the same directories were being shared.


This might sound simple to lots of you but for 3 days i was trying everything from rejailbreaking the atv2 through to reading this forum over and other again. So hopefully someone will find this helpful is they have more than one person using their mac.


Thanks and boy was i happy to restore my afp connection.