AFP Connection Failed

Hi there,

Everything has been working fine for the last few months of ATV2, but recently - I’ve not been able to mount my AFP share from my TwonkyMedia Server. Nothing’s changed, but I’m getting AFP Connection failed when trying to browse using the Media Player. I’ve not updated to the newest version as I like my life to be untethered.


I’ve submitted a diagnostic report, so let’s see what happens!



I am getting the same problem,everything has been working fine since the last 2 days,but now, afp connection failed,I haven’t upgraded or changed anything.

if you figure out the problem,please post it…

Same here. I have 2 apple tv’s, both working fine connected to my iMac, then suddenly both start receiving AFP connection fail messages.

Both are able to connect to my MB Air via AFP but not my iMac.

Just restoring the atv’s, and also rechecking and troubleshooting all my network settings on my iMac.

I’ve got a ticket logged for the last few weeks but no update as yet :frowning:


After spending a couple hours on trying to fix it, I did not come up with a fix. For the moment I’m going to have to use Plex on the aTV which is unreliable at best.

for me plex has been by far the most UNRELIABLE piece of software i’ve ever had to work with…