"AFP connection failed: unreachable network or incorrect login/password"

My setup on my ATV2 has been working fine for months and then suddenly, without any changes in my network or Macbook OSX Lion 10.7.2 setup, it has begun to give me the “AFP connection failed: unreachable network or incorrect login/password” error repeatedly when I try and access my Movie folder under Media. I have updated everything, restarted everything, tried everything I know of. I’m not very good at this stuff so if there is a way to fix it please tell me step by step. Thank you!

Same problem here. Need a fix ASAP, please.



Exactly the same problem here… Everything was working great a few days ago… Tried to add new shares, restart, uninstall components, also some iTunes changes… nothing could help me so far…

Same problem here, except I have NEVER been able to connect to AFP.

Same problem here, I bought the software a while back, never managed to use the media server.

Macbook with 10.7.2

Can you try the fix described in the link below to see if that solves your issue?


That did it! Thanks!!!

I got the same problem.

i just tried several times to add a new AFP share. My MacBook pro running on 10.7.2 is found but i can’t get a working connection. Even when I remove the last dot.

But i got it working by using the ip-address instead of the afp name.

For me this solution worked:  I renamed my Imac (10.7.2)  from “Pramis Imac” to “pramimac” (one word), and now it works.

give it a try!!

Hi I know this is an old issue but I’ve just had the exact same problem, I have two ATV 2s. Both have been connected to my Synology Diskstation 213 fine for months but one of the ATV2s has started displaying the AFT connection failed message.

The other one works fine still and the login details are correct on both.

UPDATE: fixed by going to Maintenence and selecting “Relaunch ATV”. Nothing else would work.