Advice about replacing my old pc with NAS for streaming

I started using infuse on apple tv 4k around 2 months to stream to my LG CX ago and I’m enjoying every moment of it so thanks guys and keep up the good work

I’m planning of replacing my PC with NAS to stream videos among other things,

my current setup is a PC connect via gigabyte ethernet cable to a gigabyte switch that is connected to apple tv 4k
I’m looking for a good value NAS that can support stream 4k videos I know infuse on apple tv 4k can play 4k files so no need for transcoding but what’s the best read speed to support streaming 4k 10bit hdr videos.

Just don’t get a WD mycloud. Stick with something from synology or ready NAS. They’re fully featured and their 4 bay models have plenty of horse power to handle everything.

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My WD 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS was a Christmas gift and is great. Not everyone hates WD products. Their older “My Cloud” drives have limits.

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The “My Cloud” works well. I have one of these that is still in use for testing. The “My Cloud Home” version can be a nightmare.

I recently went from using an iMac as a server to a Synology NAS and it has been outstanding. I went with the 920+ and it’s a beast for my needs.

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There’s also a users guide on streaming away from home.

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The 920+ is too big for my needs. I think I’ll go with the 720+, and I’m hoping it will handle all my watching and storing needs.

Thank you for the info

Edit: if you were to choose between the 720+ and the 220+, which one you’ll get?
I read the comparisons, and there’s not much difference between the two.

Looks like 220+ will be good enough if the only thing you need it to do is stream files. Just make sure than you know 2 disks will be enough. And plan ahead for disk size as well.