Advantages of Infuse over Plex


I currently have a plex lifetime pass that can be used across all our devices (windows, linux, apple, android) and have moved to the apple tv 4k and see a lot of raves about Infuse.

So what would the benefits of running Infuse instead of Plex on the Apple TV 4K

I’m not looking for any flaming of one product against the other, i mainly want to know what benefits would i see with Infuse and linked it to my Plex account (I use tautulli)

The major advantage for me is that Infuse will convert DTS-HD and TrueHD 7.1 to lossless PCM. The Apple TV Plex app (even with the new player) cannot do this.

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Infuse doesn’t require a companion application running on a different machine. It can play all files directly without transcoding .

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so even if linked to my existing plex system, it will still only use its own player and not plex’s

Correct for now.

Why not try Infuse yourself by starting a free trial subscription? That would let you see first hand how it stacks up. :wink:

I use Plex (with tautulli) and then connect to this through infuse. This was after years of just using infuse without Plex. The reason I have found this works best for me is that the Plex part is far more robust when managing metadata and it is much quicker when repopulating app metadata - if something happens to your AppleTV it will take a short while to repopulate as opposed to what can take sometimes days for infuse, which basically starts from scratch whenever you loose metadata. It also pays to note, version 6 of infuse is coming soon which looks like it may be quite different, so everything you learn now may be changing shortly. I have found infuse to be a reliable app with very responsive developers, it looks good and is quite customisable. It is also an easy app for the rest of the family to be able to pick up and use.

Strange - I found the exact opposite. Plex takes literally days to repopulate metadata where as Infuse took only about half hour to update my entire library of 700+ films.

Yes, that is not what I expected. Plex should have your metadata already and it is just copying it across as opposed to infuse having to access the databases again and match content.

Well, there are various benefits using Infuse:

  1. It plays all HEVC 4K HDR files I give it in input (.mkv, .ts, Blu Ray folder/ISO, whatever). With Plex (in both Android TV and ATV) I spent hours if not days (in total) watching a spinning gear, eventually getting a transcoding (or else) error at the end.
  2. You don’t need to run a second server as for Plex (especially useful if your library is stored in a NAS)
  3. You can switch audio track and subtitles on the fly (but that must have been added in Plex new player I suppose)
    3a. You can download the subtitles while watching
  4. HiRes to LPCM audio support - Plex is stuck at DD+ I believe (and it had some horrible bugs in the past - scratching or no audio at all)
  5. Nearly optimal support in Infuse. When a relevant bug is reported it gets fixed usually in the next release.
  6. The license works with all Apple devices for your Apple ID - Although I suppose the Plex pass does the same for all devices.

Obviously Plex has its own merits as well:

  1. Better metadata
  2. Compatibility with at most any TV Box or mobile device in the house
  3. It actually seems to perform better at streaming. Skipping back and forth was usually immediate the few times I have run it in my Apple TV
  4. Remote streaming
  5. Plugins

I may have forgotten something, but those should be the most important for both.

Personally I have a Plex server alive in my MacBook Pro. I use it mostly for automatically downloading the subtitles (via a plugin) since the connection in Infuse with OpenSubtitles was driving me mad in the past. And then I use it if I’d like to watch something (ripped at 1080p otherwise forget it with my CPU) in my kitchen’s Fire TV. I tried few times to use Plex on my ATV but the experience was really much inferior. I am waiting to see if the new player will improve anything, once available for everybody, but no HiRes audio is a no go to me.

I agree regarding the HD Audio - it’s the reason I switched to Infuse on the Apple TV. Prior to that I had Kodi running on an AmazonFire TV, which was fine, but annoying as I didn’t actually use the FireTV for anything else. I wanted a solution on Apple TV which played HD Audio. I tried Plex and it was OK except for the audio. It was useful however to have Plex on my iPhone / iPad and MacBook.

Once I discovered Infuse it was a no brainer - as soon as I played my first movie (Jurassic World) on Infuse I was sold - the audio was superb. To me, having HD audio is as important as the video - more so than having 4k if I am honest. In fact, it still surprises me that Apple have gone all out on video (4k HDR / Dolby Vision etc.) but are happy to bundle this with DD+ audio at best? If Apple were to stream full HD audio with their 4k iTunes movies that would be the end of any disc buying for me!

Thanks for the replies

On my android shield tv, I prefer to use Kodi as this will play all my media on my server without any transcoding, with full passthrough of all audio formats, for other sources I use Netflix, Amazon and Google Movies.

Plex is my backup for when other family members want to watch as is easier for them to use, plus its available on all our TV’s, laptops, tablets, mobile phones as it works across all formats, windows, linux, android, ios. Plus it allows to use profiles and restrictions on what media each user can access and play.

I only got the Apple TV as all other members of family are into the apple eco-system and we found buying 4K movies on Apple TV 4K was cheaper than buying the equivalent in either SD or HD on Google Play Movies.

But as the other family members prefer the apple setup to the android setup, I wanted to move everything across mainly for them, as we can play google movies on the apple unit, but we can’t play the apple movies on the shield tv

I also find that Plex is fast and getting the metadata, but it can occassionally pick the wrong data, for the speed it all depends on the hardware, for mine it is running on an amd 5600 with 16gb ram

Plex is awesome for metadata and library ha fling especially in multi device households. That being said the plex player portion is an absolute turd. Probably the best way to go is a hybrid solution with plex server as the backend and infuse as the player.

I have a PLEX Lifetime Pass only for the purpose of metadata fetching and manually being able to edit the metadata.
Infuse is better in every way as it plays back video and audio without transcoding, and it has a far superior HDR to SDR playback conversion for SDR TV’s. I am logged into my PLEX from Infuse to be able to use 50% of its benefits.

What PLEX has over Infuse is:

  • Trailer playback
  • Cast Information
  • Collections and ability to create custom collections
  • better UI (movies are suggested for you similar to how NETFLIX does it)

All that I said above about PLEX is wonderful but at the end of the day, I care about quality over perks, and Infuse delivers every time.

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I am a longtime Plex Pass user and I have recently tried out Infuse on my Apple TV 4K.
Outside what already has been mentioned, here are some of the benefits I have found:

Infuse pro

  • The inbuilt seek preview works in all formats right from the get go.
  • subtitle offset works on both embedded and external subtitles and can offset them under the movie frame onto the black bar.

Plex pro:

  • The Plex player supports chapter selection.

Infuse supports chapter selection. You have to enable it in settings (I don’t really understand the point of disabling it). I use it all the time.

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Infuse does better with movies for me. Plays better audio, when transcoding, it plays DIRECT STREAMs plex will transcode and cause issues.

Other than that I can’t go to use infuse 100%

Plex = SHUFFLE for TV. This is hands down the best feature of Plex. Sometimes I like to say “Lets watch South Park or The Office” hit shuffle and plays random episodes (as random as random can be thats a different issue).

Infuse, you can NOT do this.

I have tried to get infuse to update my library, nope, takes forever to read and update. Good luck. Plex is almost instant.

So I have Plex update library. Infuse to connect to Plex. Use infuse for MOVIES only.

Plex = everything else.


to me, for non-english users (I’m italian), Plex does a better job with playing the correct audio track / subtitle track.
Infuse sometimes switch to the “wrong one” (english track, or the “first” italian track and not the “best” one (for example, if track 1 is AC3-ITA and track 2 is DTS-ITA, Plex automatically plays track 2, Infuse track 1).
Plex also does a better job with subtitles “tags” for position: Infuse always displays subtitles at the bottom of the screen regardless of these tags, while Plex correctly display them where these tags point to.
Infuse does a better job with video quality (no stuttering, no frame drops), but now Plex has it’s own (still marked as experimental) internal player so things are changing and looks bright.

PS: I own a lifetime license for both (Plex since 12/2016, Infuse since 04/2018 when I purchased the ATV 4K)

Sorry my bad. I actually knew that now that you say it. It’s just that the UI to get to them is so clunky that I never use them. Plus no visual indication.
But I don’t really see it as a con because the seek previews always works in a fast and flawless manner.


I don’t find the auto quality option in infuse on iOS. It is available in the Plex iOS app.
Is it available ??

Nope, Infuse currently plays all files at best quality.