Advantage of using the library?

I’m using atv flash on my 2nd generation Apple TV and I love it. There’s one thing I’m asking myself for like years and now I have to ask here:

What are the advantages of using the library functionality in Infuse for Appe TV?

I’m used to set up a share and ad my movie / tv show folders to the favorites. No need to scan a library first, just instant use and metadata are loaded as soon as I open a folder of a season or my movies folder. So what exactly is better when using the library? I just see the need of scanning my folders first and scan again after adding new stuff. Maybe anbody could feed me with some information about that. Many thanks in advance!

Posters, fanart and descriptions in tv shows and films also In mode library you can have latest tv shows/films/music in home menu of the apple tv (top infuse)

Sorry bad english

You can watch a lot of stuff without converting it for iTunes first. I record TV shows with EyeTV, and atv Flash allows me to watch those shows without converting them first. You can rip entire DVDs to a hard drive ( .dvdmedia format) and then watch them as DVDs with menus and extras.

Edit: Never mind. Misunderstood the question.