Advanced remote commands in 1.3?

I see 1.3 added support for advanced remote commands. Anyone know what these are or how to use them? I’d love to have more options on the remote… ESPECIALLY dying for a skip ahead 30 seconds, skip back 10 seconds command.



No one knows anything about this, not even Firecore support?

Just got this email back from support:

Hi, these commands can be used when using 3rd party remotes (such as the Harmony One) that feature additional buttons beyond the 7 buttons on the normal AppleTV remote.

Commands can be programmed through the normal Settings --> General --> Remotes menu.


This is nothing to do with FireCore but is standard Apple functionality.

What device have you told the Harmony One to control? If you have not done that then I would not expect holding down a key would transmit anything. If you have told the Harmony One to control an Apple TV device then it should just work.