Advanced playback feature


Would it be possible to add some advanced playback features ?

I really miss the ability to skip for a specific amount of time (1 skip could be 20 seconds).
Anybody that watches TV episodes would need that I think (to skip title credit), currently you have to use the slider to do that and it’s not very precise to say the least…
This skip feature would be even better with a gesture : slide to the right to skip forward and to the left to go back.

Another advanced feature (slightly lower priority IMHO) would be to allow to adjust playback speed (x1.2; x1.5; .x2).
Gestures could also be provided (slide up or down to adjust speed).

Thanks for this already very nice app anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll see what we can do.

Hi James,

The gestures suggested above are a great idea. In fact, the flexibility of NPlayer’s gestures made me return to it after trying and very much liking Infuse. If there was the option to swipe up and down on one side of the screen to change brightness, on the other side to change volume, you’d have at least one more sale of Infuse Pro…

Also the option to make a tap or double-tap play/pause would be great as well. The aim of all these gestures being that the user no longer has to tap and then find a small UI element to adjust settings frequently used during playback.

Hi James.

I agree with both SebNYD and Bushbabywas. Coming from AVPlayerHD, which has a 10 seconds skip, your 30 second skip is really useless when watchin a talkshow or tv episode, where the title credit is either 10 or 20 seconds long. Please either reduce the length of the skip or better yet, let us have the option in the settings. Swipe gestures would also be an extremely good idea. Options in settings as to what gesture does what function, will be very good for each individual user.

Please consider the skip request as its really turning me back to AVPayerHD even though InFuse is a superior app.



I also expect to add the speed up option on the screen, which is very useful for customer to use. Thanks

I also expect to add the speed up option on the screen, which is very useful. Thanks!

My TOP priority:
Advanced PLAYBACK features such as, to allow to adjust playback speed (x1.2; x1.5; .x2…),
is a SURE MUST to make INFUSE a TOP app for MOVIES and VIDEO TUTORIALS playing.

Thank you.