Advanced Data Protection (end-to-end encryption) for iCloud

Apple announced today that Advanced Data Protection (end-to-end encryption) for iCloud is coming to all US users by the end of the year, and everywhere else in early 2023.

This will add an extra layer of security for all those using iCloud Sync with Infuse.


So enabling this, now that it is out, will not break any of the iCloud Sync ablites in Infuse?

(note to anyone wanting to enable this new feature, ALL of your signed in devices to your Apple account MUST be updated to the latest OS version 16.2, including any PC’s that are using iTunes software(update the software). I have a few much older Apple devices i rarely use, but have to fully remove from my Apple account (thus disabling any iCloud or App Store etc ability) in order to enable this setting. So if you want to use older devices, you can not enable this setting)

It won’t affect iCloud Sync in Infuse, or other apps.

However, if you enable this, Apple will not be able to recover your data if you lose access to your trusted devices, passwords, etc…

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Yea. Though, not a issue if you, and it requires you too, enable Recovery Key and/or Recovery Contact. Storing a Recovery Key string, no different than storing backup codes for accounts that use 2FA. (make sure you do so in a very safe place, for me, it on flash drive that i store in a Fire Safe.)

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I saw this in Apple’s docs:

CloudKit Record fields must be explicitly declared as “encrypted” in the container’s schema to be protected, and reading and writing encrypted fields requires the use of dedicated APIs.

Is Infuse declaring the sync data to encrypted or are you guys planning to do it?

There are a number of iCloud related changes in progress, and we’ll be doing an audit to ensure we’re able to take full advantage of these new security features - which Apple will be making widely available with iOS 16.3.

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