Adobe Flash

How do I get flash to work?

There is limited support for Adobe Flash in Firefox and Boxee.

More info can be found in the link below.

That looks like it is good for ATV1 -- and only if using OSX at Tiger or earlier.

What about ATV2 and Snow Leopard?

Sorry, Adobe Flash isn’t supported at all on the 2nd gen models.

The only reason for me to flash my ATV1 was to be able to use a browser to log on to to watch tv series. I can wach form my Windows PC and from my iPad2. However after connecting with the couch surfer to the site and selecting the episode it does not play. From what I noticed there is option on the site to select HTML5 or Adobe Flash 9 to play. Did I mis something - is HTML5 the right choice? My I try to install Adobe Flash player? - but i do not have Apple PC to transfer the required file as described in the Knowledge base. Please advise